Friday, April 24, 2009

The Office

It's a short step from the front door to the office. We pulled 'Toinette, The Desk, out of storage and summarly positioned her as our ambassador to all things Grace & Style. It was the master ebeniste, Mr Boulle himself, who directed her construction in the late17th century. Somewhere out there, I've been told, is her mate, a perfect replica of this long legged beauty, but in reverse so as not to waste any tortoise shell or bronze "scraps", a lovely artistic comment on waste management indeed.

Forged from the same rib as they may be, it's doubtful Toinette's counterpart will ever find her here. Like a beached treasure from a forgotten shipwreck, she landed in my life, lost and damaged, although yes, structurally sound. A fine restorer, a bit of love, and she may yet find her way back to the regal surroundings she was born to adorn, though it would be right here, in America, far from her native France.

The leg warmers are unapologetically prophylactic. Dexter the Dog, our sweet unexpected arrival in January this year, immediatly picked up on the fact that Toinette was held together by aging rabbit glue. Those solid but worn out cotton cloths we use in the business of cleaning got applied immediatly, a solid layer of duck tape holds them in place, and a further layer of very hot pepper sauce have dissuaded Dexter from further investigation. Mr Boulle is turning in his grave, absolutely indignant, ah, l'horreur, oui, je sais, je sais...
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